ORNAMENTAL: Now you can improve the appearance and the value of your property. Camacho Fence provides the traditional beauty of a wrought iron fence without the high maintenance costs for yearly scraping, sanding and painting. An aluminum fence is the intelligent choice for value conscious property owners.

CHAIN LINK: Residential chain link fence is one of the most cost effective ways to secure your property.We stock traditional galvanized and the more popular all color coated chain link products in 42", 48", 60", and 72"’ high. Our all color chain link in black, green, brown and white comes with a lifetime warranty.

DURAFENCE: Whether your reasoning for installing a fencing system is security or beauty, a DuraFence offers you both at affordable prices. The aluminum components of this fencing system are precision welded to ensure the highest standard of quality. These systems are available in several color and rail options, and all of them are powder-coated, which creates a tough, virtually maintenance-free finish. The DuraFence can be customized to meet the needs of any commercial or residential application.

FIELD FENCE: Field Fences are an economical type of fence mainly used around groves and animal enclosures, there are a few different types of wire and post that can be used that will vary the prices as well as strength.

CROSS BOARD: Cruz cercas del consejo son, básicamente, una valla de tipo de campo con los mensajes más juntas y consejos de decoración en la parte superior. Las tablas no sólo sirven como decoración, sino que también dan mucha fuerza debido a la forma en que se cruzan y clavado. Vallas de la Cruz a bordo eran las vallas sólo que hemos encontrado que se enfrentó a los vientos del huracán Andrew.

PVC: Quality Vinyl fencing adds value to your property. A variety of styles adds beauty to your home, No painting, No staining, No rotting, No termites, In-house fabrication allows for faster delivery and superior quality, Limited manufacturer's warranty.

WOOD: There are three common types of wood fences besides the many custom types:

Stockade: All the boards are one side against each other and post and rails are on the other, with this kind of fence you get a lot of privacy but you need to remember that boards do shrink after being installed so after a few days you will be able to see through it a bit.

Shadow Box: This type looks very similar on both sides and allows wind to flow through it. But you can see through it when you look at it at an angle.

Board on Board: This is the only one that gives you complete privacy. It has a board on top of every board.

•  We use 5/8" to 3/4 boards
•  We use galvanized Ring Shank nails
•  Drive gates come standard with galvanized steel frames
•  We pour 2' of concrete on every post
•  We use #2 grade square cut 4x4's not #3 

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